The First Day of the Hunt

November 6th, 2012 | No Comments |

This year my brother-in-law and I put in to be drawn for deer. Our state of residence is Arizona and having experience with hunting in certain areas, we put in for areas 27 and 28. Our first pick was 27, but it’s a coveted area, plush with deer. The hunt we were drawn for was November 2nd through the 8th in area 28.

Basically put, almost everyone who gets drawn for area 28, put in for area 27 as their first pick. So everyone in area 28 is pretty much a reject of 27. Sad but true.

The First Day of the Hunt was a bust

We setup camp in the mountains north of a small town called Ft. Thomas. The spot we chose is one of the better places in that specific area. In under an hour, would could hike to a saddle just south of us and have great visibility of everything on both sides of that ridge. We thought we would see something, if not get our buck.

Well, after hiking up and down ridges for nearly six hours through terrain that makes your knees hurt, we saw absolutely nothing. Heck, we barely found any sign of deer in the area.

To read the rest of the story about the first few days of our deer hunt, visit TheGunsman.

Even though our luck was low, I was still pretty excited, and for a few different reasons.

Why was I still so excited?

Well, I was still excited because I am an optimist. I absolutely believe that I will achieve my goals up until the very last second. And if I don’t, I know I gave it my best. It won’t do me a bit of good to get discouraged. All that will do is make things miserable.

Secondly, when we were at a high point up on those ridges, I received cell phone service. And while I did, I received a few emails telling me that I had just made $1097. One hundred of that is a recurring monthly residual income while the other $997 was passive income, duplication from within my team.

The First Day of the Hunt

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