The Battlefield of Life – Defeat or Be Defeated

July 21st, 2011 | No Comments |

The Battlefield of LifeLife is a battlefield. In it’s own right, it’s just as intense as any war waged between two armies in any location. Every aspect of it involves possible defeat or glorious victory, except in the combat of life, there are many foes…..yourself being one of the greatest. A sound mind is key.

In the midst of conflict, injuries will occur. Sometimes these injuries are self inflicted and other times they are caused by sources outside our control.

There are those who have been injured many times, who, because of their many scars, shy away from the battle.  They avoid confrontation and action. They’re scared of being injured, or injured again. So instead of facing their enemy, they avoid them at all costs, even at great personal loss. They let the fear of pain and loss take over their life. Their actions become less valiant and their potential squandered. Instead of being dependable and independent, they become dependent and are in need of protection. They lose their self worth and find themselves living in the gutters and the filth of this war, feeding off the leftovers of the rest.

There are those who experience victory on the battlefield. They are those who have no fear, or at least know how to control it and overcome it. Despite the danger at hand, they are the ones who face obstacles and deal with them as they come, one by one. They run at their enemies, and when all hope appears to be lost, they charge. As they move forward through the smoke and haze of the unsure, they will most likely inflict a few wounds upon themselves, but in the end, if they are strategic, use good judgement, and are persistent, they will be victorious.

This great eternal battle is at hand. We cannot avoid it. It’s a fight between success and failure, good and evil, prosperity and poverty. There will be those who fall by the wayside. There will be those who quit and hide. But there will also be those who inspire, excel, and succeed. There will be those who taste of that sweet, sweet victory, and to those few….and they will be few…I salute you. You are a warrior, a pioneer and a hero. You few make this great world what it is because you know what you want. Because of this surety, you are the ones others look to for moral, financial and emotional guidance.

You are fulfilling your purpose here…and that purpose is to be all that you were created to be. You are acting like an eternal being, who is not just existing in a physical world, but creating it. You are using the talents you were blessed with, and are multiplying them and using them for good.

You are a general, and a warrior. Stay that way, because you are saving more lives in this great battle than you know.

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