The Abyss of All That You Don’t Know

September 15th, 2010 | No Comments |

Quick question for you…..

Have you ever had an idea that you knew would be great, but never really got it off the ground? In your mind, you could see the beginning and the end but everything in between seemed to be missing?

Maybe this idea was an idea for a new business venture. You went as far as choosing the perfect business name, secured the domain name and started investing in a website, but didn’t get much further than that.

In my opinion, the easiest part of starting a successful business, online or offline, is coming up with the idea. Anybody and everybody has ideas. Great ideas! But success is located just on the other side of the “abyss of all that you don’t know.” Standing in your way of the end result that you can envision so clearly is……well….quite frankly, you don’t know!

How do you overcome something that doesn’t even exist yet. How does one go from point “A,” the idea, to point “Z,” the end result, being stuck on point “D” and not knowing the rest of the alphabet. It’s like listening to a two year old sing the ABC’s….”L-M-N-O-P” is more like a severely slurred, non existing word called “elimenope.” (If the kid is good!)

Point “Q” might be the cost of the product or service and point “F” might be all the details of what the product or service is. With “S” being the marketing details, there is a lot of ground to cover before “Y” and “Z” can be realized.

Now, if bringing your idea to fruition was as easy as assigning each step a letter, then there would be a lot more successful people in the world. The great abyss of all that you don’t know wouldn’t set claim on so many aspiring entrepreneurs.

So let’s have this conversation over the next few posts. Let’s see if we can somewhat erase the abyss…or at least build a suspension bridge to make crossing it a bit easier.

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