The 2ez2x2 Home Business Opportunity

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2ez2x2Just the other day I received an email from a former business colleague. Within the contents of the email was a subtle offer for an additional revenue stream along with a pleasant greeting from a friend. Now I typically receive several offers a week from people I’ve connected with in the past and will occasionally look into the opportunity out of respect for that person. This was one of those occasions.

I was then introduced to the 2ez2x2 home business opportunity. Now, I’m going to be completely transparent here. When I first read the name of this opportunity, “2ez2x2,” I thought to myself, “Oh great! Another winner.” The name of the business seemed…..corny! But, I went ahead and listened to the information and was impressed.

2ez2x2 Home Business OpportunityWhat is 2ez2x2?

The 2ez2x2 opportunity is a forced matrix. In other words, when you complete one level, the compensation plan forces you to move forward to the next level by buying you into it. So after the initial investment, there are no more out-of-pocket expenses to you.

Another great feature of 2ez2x2 is the fact that you only have to personally sponsor or recruit two people. Once you’ve recruited your two people, you then help your two people duplicate what you’ve just done. So easy! Anybody can find just two people. If you happen to find more than that, you’re just helping your team, which ultimately helps you.

So what’s the product in 2ez2x2?

The product in the 2ez2x2 home based business isn’t a health drink, a bunch of CD’s or DVD’s, a blogging platform or a personal development course…….it’s ad space. Ad space that can be used to promote anything you desire. So if you’re part of another opportunity, have a product you’ve created or an affiliate link to promote, your ads will be shown to thousands of people every single day.

I joined the 2ez2x2 business opportunity.

Yes I did. I signed up. I skipped the Novice board and signed up on the Professional board. Starting with the Professional board, there are four boards worth mentioning. Earnings start at $500 and go all the way up to $9,000. Once you reach the final board, your income potential reaches multiple double figures.

I’m looking forward to that extra stream of revenue. All for just recruiting two people and then helping those two find two. So simple.

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