Take Some Time Off

December 28th, 2009 | No Comments |

For the past week or so, as you all have definitely seen, I have taken time off from everything….including this blog, my marketing, making phone calls, masterminding with others in my business, and pretty much everything else. It’s really given me some time to think about where I am, by reflecting on my results thus far since becoming a home business entrepreneur and even more specifically, my results for this past year. I can tell you this much, having the time off,  has been a breath of fresh air!

At times, I think we get so caught up in doing the “thing,” the thing that produces the income, that it’s difficult to see all that is really going on. At times, taking a step back can give you a completely different perspective. You’ll be able to see things that were nearly impossible to see while engaged in the “thing.” For some, they may realize that their current profession isn’t what they really want to be doing. For others, they may get an added sense of conviction and clarity towards their chosen course. Whatever the result, taking an occasional time out can only benefit. You can become the player with the coaches perspective.

WARNING: Just a bit of a notice before you engage in your “time off” session……Expect change! You can’t take a step back for an outsiders look and not expect to change something about what you are doing. In fact, if you take that step back and don’t change something, you didn’t really take a step back. The change doesn’t have to be huge, but it should exist. Maybe a better word for it would be an “adjustment.” You can’t become a “fine tuned machine” without the “fine tuning.”

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