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September 29th, 2009 | 3 Comments |

Walmart ShirtsYou have to wonder at times why the majority of the public thinks the way they do. This summer I took my family and my business down to Hawaii for two weeks, and yes, we had a blast! Thanks for asking. I can tell you about all the things we did while there in a different post. Well, we happened to be down in Kona for the day and before heading back to the resort, which was nearly 25 – 30 minutes away, we decided to stock up on a few necessities.

A buddy of mine wanted to find some more board shorts so while browsing through the clothes section, we ran across some t-shirts in Walmart. As I read the messages on these shirts, I realized that I absolutely had to take a picture of them. Now forgive me, my phone camera was obviously fogged up a bit when I took these. But I think you will get the point.

So it amazes me how people think. Negativity sells and it sells well! We all know why. Think about it. Is it more difficult to tick somebody off or to make them happy? Depending on the person, it’s generally easier to tick them off. That’s why negativity sells better. It’s just falling into the majority.

Now try on these shirts on for size: “Optimism can take you anywhere.” “Spreading smiles since 1994.” “Life is Good!” These t-shirts are awesome. I own several of them.Life is Good

Now allow me to get a little scientific on you. A while back I attended a conference where I learned about how the environment effects water. Now that I think about it, I was also in Hawaii at the time. The presenter gave scientific proof that negative words, negative music or negativity in general had a negative effect on water crystals. So this guy would carry around a bottle of water with nothing but positive words written all over it. Now here’s why: He believed that if negativity was effecting the water as much as it was, then how would that effect him by drinking the water. Being that our bodies are made up mostly of water, it would effect us in the same way. So this guy wouldn’t drink anything unless it came from a bottle covered in his positive words. I did a post on it a while back if you’d like to check it out here: Water Crystals.

So, if it is scientifically proven that negativity has that much of an effect on water, what kind of an effect do you think negative t-shirts have on our bodies. We know the effect they have on our minds but most of us have probably never really thought that negativity could have a physical effect. Remind me sometime to tell you a little more about “Intelligences” that exist in almost everything. It may be beyond the realm of understanding for most people, but is as simple as the concept of what a cell is.

Just food for thought!

So, wear uplifting clothing. Don’t feed the beast of negativity by buying their crap! Literally.

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