Successful Mindset

February 13th, 2009 | No Comments |

What do you do when things just aren’t going right in your business and when it feels as though you are right there at the door of success but just aren’t making progress like you had hoped you would? Sometimes it seems as though you are spinning your wheels even though you are doing everything you feel you should be doing.

Most people will go inside themselves. They will in a sense, implode! What I mean by implode is that they will get inside their own heads and start to think of all the things that might be wrong with themselves, with what they are doing or with the business they are involved in. They will, in a sense, be their own worst enemy and go at destroying their confidence and all they have built. They will start to get a small case of schizophrenia, in my opinion, making up things that don’t exist in hopes that it might be the solution.

Successful Mindset

My Advice: Stop Thinking! Get the heck out of your own head and just take consistent action. Do you think for a moment that during all of Michael Jordans success that he really thought each game winning shot through? No! Michael made so many game winning shots because he knew the basis of success, he knew what he had to do, and he just acted! And he did it in a serious way!

Success, at times, comes from somewhere else other than the brain. Know what you have to do, set a plan of action to do it and then go to work!

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