Success and Church

March 8th, 2010 | 2 Comments |

Success is repetition. It’s like church. Why do you think people continue to go to church every single week to hear the same things said in a different way, over and over again? It’s because it keeps them on the path they want to be on. It keeps them pointed towards their goals after this life is over. Even the most intelligent men and women in the gospel continue to attend their church meetings. Sure, they may sleep during a good portion of their church meetings and sure they may already know what is being taught, but what would happen if they stopped coming? What would their life change into if they discontinued the repetitious attendance in church? They would begin to forget those things that they once knew so well. Their life would begin to point a different direction and they would have new and different goals.

I know it sounds drastic, but that’s exactly what would happen. Consider the ladies who love to have that nice tan. As long as they are repeatedly exposed to the sun or tanning beds, they can keep that nice tan. But the moment they become less frequent in their time in the sun, their tan starts to go away. They become pale and light-er, exactly opposite of what they wanted to look like.

Success is no different. Either you are constantly and consistently engaged, or you are out of the game completely and headed down a different road. Success is repetition, repetitious and everything to do with repeating the same actions over and over again in a different way…day in and day out. Just as someone who is constantly engaged in their salvation by attending church or tanning by visiting the beach, the same stands true for success in any area of this life….or in this case, afterlife.

Success in basketball requires time invested working on that jump shot or that crossover, over and over again. Success in religion requires repeated study, faith, prayer and church attendance. Success in relationships requires acts of patience, selflessness and love, over and over again. Success in business requires repeated education, research and action.

Nothing of true value ever comes free of effort. If it does, you might have received the “thing,” but the true value comes because of the effort put forth to truly earn the “thing”. That’s the real prize. As the quote says, paraphrased…..I pity the man who inherits millions that has not yet become a millionaire (in his mind). Or as Hannah Montana says, (I’m sorry! I have three daughters! I can’t help it!)“it ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side, it’s the climb!” Those of you who laugh at me for quoting Hannah Montana, or Miley Cyrus…..look at where she is financially and where you are!

So on that note, the successful people do the things that the unsuccessful people chose not to do on a consistent and repeated basis. Evaluate your life. What are you choosing NOT to do that is holding you back from the success you desire? I know that you know the answer to that question. Don’t second guess yourself, just fix it!

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