Stories Sell and Results Tell

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Stories sell, but before I get into a story, let me tell you a quick thing or two about me and how I use stories. As some of you may know, I’m a church man. I’m part of the LDS church and have held various callings within the church which have given me many teaching opportunities. Many of these “teaching opportunities” come unexpectedly, for example, when you show up to church and the instructor you had assigned to teach that day didn’t show up. So naturally, I have to step in and come up with something great to teach about.

So my number one use for stories is to take up some time, or fill the gaps. Life is full of experiences that can be related to just about anything, especially to my religion. Some of the best speakers in my church and in the world are the ones who can relate a story to their topic. It brings things to life, at least it does for me.

Stories Sell and Results Tell

In the hustle and bustle of the world, people get caught up in just about everything other than what is real. A good portion of us are living in cyberspace and the rest of us are living in TV-ville, somewhere between the football channel and the home shopping network. I had to throw that one in there for the ladies. I don’t really watch that!

So when someone goes online in search of an internet business, or a way to make money from home, they are looking for something real, something tangible that they can sink their teeth in. Anyone can tell you how awesome their opportunity is, or will become, without having any sort of real life results.

So naturally, what do they do? They look for those stories, the testimonials that are shared by those people who have experienced those “real” results. They want to read up on their stories, where they came from and how they achieved their success. They want to see pictures of these people along with the words, or they want to watch that brief video testimonial. It’s how they get emotionally attached.

One of the many things that drew me to the opportunity I am now part of is exactly that, the success stories of people that I personally know. These are people that I have been involved with in other network marketing companies who are now making between $30k and $50k per month, residual income. No smoke and mirrors! That’s real my friend.

So my story in the past has been all about the success I’ve had online, and it’s been amazing. Making over $50k in a single month was great, but it wasn’t residual. I expect to have that story to tell in the very near future, and so should you!

My point is, stories sell an opportunity, they sell a product, they sell an idea. Results tell, they’re proof that stuff really works….cold hard facts cannot be denied.

So if you’ve experienced any ounce of success in your business, online or offline, tell your story. People will relate to you and will follow you, and in many cases, they’ll open their wallets to you because you’ve inspired them.

You can’t  put a price on that.

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