Spiritual – The Third Category of Success

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The Third Category of Success - SpiritualSo we’ve covered success categories Self and Family,  I hope you are able to see how each one builds upon the other. Success is all about the whole package. It’s a series of smaller events gone right spread throughout all main categories of life. To achieve extreme success in business yet fail in your family is merely partial success. Given that no single person on this planet is absolutely perfect in every category, the ones I consider truly successful are the ones that have experienced and continue to work on each of the 5 Categories of Success.

The Third Category of Success – Spiritual

The next category on the triangle of success is the Spiritual category. Most people are religious and believe in a higher being or higher power. That higher power is this being who we call God, our Heavenly Father, the Universe, Allah and so forth and is the origin of our creation. We are literal offspring of this all-powerful being, and just like any child who is born into this world inherits traits and abilities from You'll See It When You Believe Ithis or her parents, in addition, we also inherit traits and abilities from our Heavenly Father. With that in mind, we must understand that we are spiritual, heavenly beings having a physical, earthly experience. Not the other way around and for a great reference and in depth discussion on this topic, read “You’ll see it when you believe it” by author Dr. Wayne Dyer. Great book!

Now, how do we know, for ourselves, that we are a heavenly beings having an earthly experience? I think you all know the answer to that question. We certainly can’t prove it. Scientists sure try to discredit it. It’s through faith. Faith is our own personal evidence of something we believe in which cannot be seen. Faith is our connection to our Heavenly selves.

Now, let’s look a little deeper into the word faith. Faith is evidence of things we cannot touch, see or smell, at least not with our physical traits. If you have faith, you are a natural optimist. Faith is used for things which are to come, not things which already are. A good example to illustrate this is past versus future. A faithful person is always focused on the future, the things he has not yet been able to touch, see and smell physically. An unfaithful person may dwell in the past because that is real to him. He has been able to touch, see and smell it. He doesn’t need to have faith because he has a perfect knowledge of all his experiences. Faith is knowing just enough of where we come from in order to see where we are going.

My point is….if our faith is sufficient, we will truly understand who we are and where we come from. And in understanding that, and truly believing we are heavenly beings having an earthly experience, we also will understand our potential. Our Heavenly Father isn’t a being of suppression or pride. He wants us to fulfill the the true measure of our creation. In English, He wants us to be successful by achieving our full potential here on earth…..a potential, by the way, that is partially limited by our physical existence. Imagine all that we will be able to achieve after this earthly experience, when we no longer have that physical limitation!

Now don’t get any crazy ideas of trying to reach the afterlife quicker! Just know who you are and where you come from. Have a desire to know why you are here, where you come from and what that means for you in this life. We’ve all seen the movies where the main character gets amnesia and can’t remember who he is. “Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy and Bourne Ultimatum” is a series of movies that explains this perfectly. Jason Bourne uses all of his energy, knowledge and abilities to discover who he truly is, and until he finds out, he can’t rest. We all come into this world with heavenly amnesia, forgetting who we truly are. Just as Jason Bourne would not rest until he discovered his true identity, I encourage all of you to do the same. If you don’t already know, discover who you truly are. You are a powerful, Heavenly being simply having an earthly experience.

How might that change your way of thinking today and how will that change in thought, effect your actions? Suddenly all the the smaller, physical problems won’t have as much of an effect on you. If you truly understand who you are, the effect is tremendous!

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