Self-Generated leads vs. Purchased leads

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This business is a direct sales marketing business. The word ‘Marketing’ is the key word. What is a business without marketing? You will not find a business that has been successful but has no marketing plan. If you do, let me know. There are many different ways you can market your business. Marketing costs can range from almost nothing to the thousands depending on the business opportunity. In this business, I have seen folks make six figures in a month with a $1500 marketing budget and also have seen people blow $7000 and make a few thousand. So obviously there are more effective, targeted methods of marketing out there and some that will just flat out exhaust your marketing budget.

Self-Generated leads vs. Purchased leads

Purchased leads are a great way to get started talking with people. You may make a few sales from them, but they are not for long term use. If you are trying to build your business on purchased leads, that is what you will get more of….trying. Purchased leads are so general that you will have to go through quite a bit more of them to get the results you are looking for. Now, some people will tell you that it is not the lead, but the leader that creates results. That is right on the money, if you are talking with a qualified person or lead. The money that you would invest in purchasing 100 leads would be more effective in placing your own ads and only generating 20 leads.

Self-Generated leads are the highest quality lead out there. You will not find a more qualified lead. Self-Generated leads are ones that were generated from an ad you personally placed. Whether it be on the internet or in a newspaper, it doesn’t matter. You will find higher qualified people to spend your time with when you personally attract them to your business opportunity. The ratio of conversions drastically improve.

So, buy leads when you first get started to cut your teeth and to supplement when your lead generation is slow. Generate your own leads. Buying leads is almost like going back to the JOB mentality of having someone run your business for you. Don’t expect lead companies to do your marketing for you. That is the life of your business and if you don’t have highly qualified people to talk to, you will sink aweful fast in the network marketing industry. Take it from someone who has gone through the refiners fire and learn from my mistakes. This business opportunity is set up so that you don’t have to go through the mistakes that I did. Learn from a leader in the industry. Do your own marketing and become passionate about it and you will have the success that you are looking for!

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