Rules of Corporate Welfare: Donald Trump

May 29th, 2008 | No Comments |

1. Adopt a big attitude
“Everything you do in life, do with attitude,” Donald says. “I always think of myself as the best-looking guy and it’s no secret I love beautiful women. That is why I bought the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants.

“In primitive times, women clung to the strongest male for protection. High-status males displayed their prowess through their kick ass attitude. Believe in yourself and show it in your
attitude. Use your big thinking attitude for everything you do in life.”

2. You are what you think you are
“Most people think too little of themselves and devalue their own abilities. They give other people credit for being smarter than they are and downplay their own intelligence. Reverse this: give yourself credit for being smarter than most people, because it’s true.

“People take their cues from you as to how they should think about you. Develop an attitude that you are worth a lot, then others will value you. Walk briskly and purposefully, eyes looking straight ahead like someone who knows where he or she is going.”

3. Go first class
“Let your shoes, suits, shirts, ties, coats and accessories tell the world that you understand and value quality. If you do not have a big budget, buy fewer items, but better quality. Let everything you do and own convey an image of importance.”

4. Ditch your doubts
“Big thinkers conquer their doubts. When in doubt, believe in yourself and assume you’ll succeed. Nobody can do this for you. Do not grab for someone else’s reassurance when you
are feeling inadequate. Develop your own selfbelief. If you believe you can do something, other people will believe it too.

“Give off the attitude that you’re important and worth listening to. People will see by your face and by your bearing that you are self powered, a leader who makes things happen.”

5. Speak your mind
“Speak like a big thinker. Get in the habit of speaking out in business meetings and social gatherings. Make sure you know what you want to say, then speak with the attitude that you have something important to say. Do not be afraid of what other people think.”

6. High flyers flock together
“Hang out with other big thinkers. People in your environment have a great impact on you. Join clubs, associations and organizations where the successful congregate. Think of yourself as someone important to know. The most important person in any gathering is
the one who is most active in introducing him or herself. When meeting a new person look them in the eye and be sure to get their name and give them yours. Drop all your friends who are negative and think small. Seek advice from people who know what they’re doing.”

7. Get tough
“People are not going to just hand you money. People fight and kill for money. You have to use leverage to extract top dollar. Threaten to inflict some pain before you get some pain. In every successful real estate deal, I’ve had to make my opponent feel the pain of what he would lose if he did not do the deal with me, and the pleasure of going forward
and giving me what I want.

“Look at job negotiations. Most people get their biggest raises when they change jobs, or threaten to change jobs. When negotiating for money, build up the value of your presence to the company and increase the loss the company will suffer in losing you. Always be ready to walk.”

8. Be prepared for setbacks
“A failure is not a defeat. Learn from your mistakes and view your setbacks as the cost of getting an education. Engage in constructive self-criticism. Learn your lessons quickly, then move on. Remember, persistence plus learning from mistakes equals success.”

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