Recreational – The Fifth Category of Success

January 17th, 2010 | 1 Comment |

The Fifth Category of Success - RecreationalTo close off the 5 Categories of Success, let’s talk a little about Recreational Success. Sure, I know…you are probably thinking, “What in the #$#@ is recreational success?” Well, we know that recreation is doing something recreational, or something fun. A recreational act is an act designed to amuse, refresh or enjoy.

The Fifth Category of Success – Recreational

I like to consider it as a recharging of the batteries….and for those of you who recharge batteries often, you know a few things. You know that if you don’t charge them long enough, they won’t have full power and if you charge them too long, they become weak. There has to be a balance.

The same applies in life. There must be a balance of work and play, otherwise, what’s the point. There has to be those moments where you don’t want to do a dang thing but watch a movie. The times where you just sit to watch the sun go up or go down is healthy for your mind, your body and your soul. Taking that new car down the highway just to see how fast it can go is more of a positive influence on your well being than it is negative….even if you get a huge speeding ticket. As human beings, we thrive on excitement, fulfillment and even a degree of danger, as long as it is calculated danger, posed in our favor. We want to smile and laugh out loud. The healthiest and happiest people in the world are those who work hard and laugh often.

What’s the point of working hard all your life if you can’t enjoy all that you have worked to create. A life lived without some leisure and laughter is a life missed. And in my line of business, Network Marketing, those who can integrate their work into their recreation make the most money and experience the most success. Living your life out loud, the way you want to live it, attracts those who desire what you have. Nobody enjoys hanging around the guy who works all the time. He’s the guy without any friends or in most cases, the guy without a family. Nobody wants to be that guy.

Recreational success makes all that you have been able to accomplish, more fun, and motivates you to achieve more. I know that by doing my work today, I can take time off tomorrow. In most cases, that’s why I work so hard. I work hard so that I can play hard. What a great philosophy. Work Hard, Play Hard.

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