Real Time Website Visitor Tracking with Gauges

November 25th, 2015 | Comments Off on Real Time Website Visitor Tracking with Gauges |

gaugesI recently signed up for a membership with Gauges, which is a “real time” tracking software for company websites, and was completely impressed. I’ve been working online for quite some time and have used several types of tracking software ranging from Google Analytics to Mint, and in my opinion, as far as real time tracking goes, Gauges takes the cake.

Let me show you a few screenshots of the dashboard, which you can also see by visiting their website at as well, of course.


Gauges Real Time Tracking

If you click on the image to the right, you’ll be able to get a close-up look of the dashboard. The sites you’ve added their tracking code to are shown on the left. As you click on the tab, it opens up their stats to the right. I love how simple these stats are to read. The layout of the dashboard is designed for the user and is extremely easy to read.

Up at the top, there’s a button that reads “Air Live Traffic.” When you click on that button, it takes you to a live view of your websites traffic, as it happens, on a world map. It’s cool to see pinpoints popping up all over the globe as people land on your site….WITH that URL they landed on, what browser they’re using and whether or not they’re on a mobile device. The pinpoints stay until the map resets for the next day.

Information is priceless. I had no idea that people from Iceland viewed my blog…..and now I do, and I know what they read and looked at, how long they stayed and what device they found my site with.

So here it is….if you’re looking for simple tracking metrics without all the confusion, verification processes and other needless mumbo jumbo that can come with other tracking software, give Gauges a try. You can sign up for a 7 day trial by going to As soon as you add the tracking software to your website, you’ll start seeing visitors pop up on that map…that is, if you have any visitors! But either way, you’ll at least know!

Here’s a screen shot of their pricing once your 7 day trial ends.

Gauges Pricing

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