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Real-Time Income DisclosureIf you can, take just a second and think back to the day when you first started looking into a home based business. As you were scrolling through those websites, were you aware that each one of those opportunities are required to post some sort of income disclosure?

If you’ve never seen anything of the such, you might be wondering what an income disclosure actually is and why it’s required.

What is an income disclosure?

This world has become a world of requirements and warnings. With so many people being “Sue Happy” these days, companies are obliged to warn their customers about unexpected events that might occur should they get involved. Ten years ago, who would have thought about becoming rich from burning yourself with a cup of hot cocoa? But it’s happened more than once!

From my point of view, if I were the owner of that hot cocoa product and someone burned themselves while drinking my “hot” cocoa, I’d say that it was their own dang fault. Don’t be an idiot. Think about it, right? Modern law says that unless I warn that person, in writing, before they drink the cocoa, they have the right to sue me.

I guess there has to be certain laws in this world made to benefit the dumb people too. So as a result, every company across the globe has a warning label on their product, just in case an idiot buys it.

Anyway, let’s steer away from the idiots and hot cocoa, back into the income disclosure. Every home business or affiliate company across the internet has, or is required to have, some sort of income disclosure.

The standard disclosure goes a little something like this:

Any earnings or income statements, or income examples, are only estimates of what we think you could earn. There is no assurance you’ll do as well. If you rely upon our figures, you must accept the risk of not doing as well. Where specific income figures are used…

Basically put, not everyone will have the same results. If you want to make money, you must do what it takes to make money. You can’t sit on your butt in front of your TV, doing nothing, and expect to make money.

Common sense, right? We’re still watching out for the idiot. (I know, we’re so thoughtful!)

Here’s the most important part if this post.

In addition to the standard income disclosures, the company I work with is an open book and has published “Real-Time Income Statistics,” right on their site! I received an email from a colleague of mine stating, “we are the ONLY affiliate program I know of that actually publishes real-time income stats.” And I have to agree!

Most companies will give a standard disclosure, but never go into this much detail. A company that can do that is a company that has absolutely nothing to hide and is confident in its opportunity.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to know how successful you can potentially be in this income opportunity, it’s public information.

Click Here: Real-Time Income Disclosure

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