Ready For a Change But Not Sure What To Do?

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Life CoachMost of us, at some point in our life, will reach a time when we’re looking for a change. A big change. That change is usually due to the fact that we’ve become bored or unsatisfied with our career choice. You might be tired of the dead end job, ready for a fresh new job. Or, you might be ready to make the jump from employee to employer with your own business. Heck, I’ve even known people who are tired of the stress of being their own boss and would rather plug themselves back in to the Matrix and let someone else make the decisions. Working 9 to 5, going home not having to think about work until the next day is extremely appealing to some people.

So, you’ve determined that you’re ready for a change….now what? What’s the next step? You may be an expert in your current field but when it comes to the change you’re wanting to make, expert is not the word you’d use to describe your abilities.

The great thing about wanting to change but not knowing how, is that there are people who can help you.


Family can be one of your best resources for knowledge when making big decisions. Most of the time, they’re going to give it to you straight and unbiased. You’ll want to steer clear of those family members who are always looking to get something out of the deal. Most likely, you already know who, in your family, falls into this category.


Your closest friends can sometimes be a better source of help than your family can. However, don’t mistake the difference between an acquaintance and an actual friend. Just because you know them, or speak to them occasionally, doesn’t mean they’re your friend.

Life Coaches

If you’ve exhausted all other resources and still feel like you’re stuck, hire a life coach with the experience and knowledge you need in order to get to the next step. If you’re looking to become a copywriter, an example of a life coach would be Michael Masterson, who offers training courses for those looking to either improve their abilities or change career paths in to the exciting field of copywriting.

There are experts like this in nearly every career path in existence who are willing to coach you.

In conclusion, I learned a valuable lesson several years ago that has remained with me to this day. The key to success isn’t dependent on your mentor. Whether you fail or succeed is all on you…..but a great mentor sure does help.


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