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PositiveAtmosphere.comFrom time to time I like to put the word out about new social sites I discover. Most of the sites I list on this blog are sites I am part of and have a common theme to that of what I share here on CreateFinancialWealth.com. The theme of this blog is Entrepreneurship, Personal Development and Lifestyle…..creating a better you. You will find the content here empowering, opinionated and useful in your journey as an entrepreneur.


The other day I stumbled across a social site called PositiveAtmosphere.com. So far it only has a member base of around 650 people, but has potential. For the most part, the people I have been able to connect with are authentic in their reasons for creating a profile there and interactive as well. Taken straight from the site, “Positive Atmosphere is where positive people connect and empower.”

For those of you looking to find community, mastermind with others, share your insight or simply create traffic to your site, this is another great site for it. With an integrated blog, video and picture uploading and placement of links back to your site, PositiveAtmosphere.com has it. Drop by and be sure to connect with me as a friend while you’re there!

I am always looking for new, exciting and relative sites to check out. If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comment section. Thanks!

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