Philosophies of the Ant – Remain Loyal and Honest

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Philosophies of the Ant - Remain Loyal and HonestI little while ago I had promised you, my readers, that I would finish the Philosophies of the Ant series. I apologize, my worst enemy showed up in my life for a bit and I just got rid of him. His name is procrastination!

Philosophies of the Ant – Remain Loyal and Honest

In my industry you have people come and go, I mean, it’s a fact of life. Some people just can’t stay in one place for very long. I don’t know if it is lack of an attention span, boredom or the fact that they want to stay distant and never establish a connection or relationship with others. Maybe they always feel that the grass is greener on the other side of the river. Who knows? But what I do know, if you are having success on one side of the river, the grass is seldom greener on the other side of it. In fact, it’s probably wilted and a little tainted.

So here’s the point I would like to make: You will become more successful, you will grow more and help more people become successful with a firm foundation than you ever will without a foundation. Find a business that creates the success you desire and then stay put! Strengthen your foundation and as you do, you will have the ability to support more.

Take a look at a colony of ants. Can any ant just up and leave and set root with some other neighboring colony? If you’re a red ant can you just shack up with a colony of black ants? No! The ant would be killed, torn apart! Ants are very loyal to their colony. They die building it, supporting it and then protecting it. They have a place there I’m sure take ownership in the colony. It is their colony!

Whatever business you decide to get involved in, once you create your success, stay put. Strengthen your foundation right where you are, take ownership in the company you are with because you are the company. You are stock, and as your value increases, so will the value of the company and as that happens, new heights will be reached. Records will be broken and you, along with all the others next to you, will set the standard for everyone else.

By moving around, you are choosing to be selfish, only thinking about #1, yourself. Sure, you may have success, but with no foundation, and without a foundation, your business will never have the success it should and would. What happens to a tooth that is moved around a lot? The root shortens and by doing so, the tooth becomes weaker. The same happens to Entrepreneurs.

On top of being loyal, the only kind of business to do is honest business. Without honesty and integrity in foundation, your footers will turn to sand and your enterprise will collapse. It’s like forgetting the one component in cement that, over a short period, turns solid.

Practice honesty and integrity in everything you do, not just business. True depth in any business comes from respect and a good name. You get that by remaining loyal and honest, always.

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