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February 16th, 2009 | No Comments |

Adam and Eve - Personal ResponsibilityLet me take you back, I mean way back, to what we all know as the beginning of time. The reason I would like to do this is to show you your nature, or human nature. This is why we are having government bailouts, economic trouble and something called “The blame game!” This all started from the very moment that Eve bit into that apple. What did she do when Adam asked her why she had bitten the apple? She blamed it all on Lucifer. Oh, it was all his fault that I made the decision to bite the apple. Really? So it was someone elses fault that you used your own mouth to bite that apple! I see!

Now, let’s not put it all on the woman. What did Adam do? Adam blames it on the woman, saying that she gave me the apple and I ate it. The blame game! It’s in human nature to blame, but in order to create the results you desire in your life, it must not exist in your nature.

Take Personal Responsibility

You can change it. You can assume full responsibility for all that you have done, are doing and will ever do. It is called personal responsibility! You must realize and accept the fact that your current circumstances are a result of your choices and that your choices are a result of your thoughts. So who controls what thoughts are entertained and what thoughts are not? You guessed it, YOU!

So if you have a thought that tells you to do absolutely nothing today in your business, your life, or your relationship and you obey, who’s fault is it? Yours! If someone else tells you to do nothing today in your business or life and you do it, who fault is that? Yours! If the economy goes into rough times and your business fails, who’s fault is it? This is controversial for most people but the fault is still YOURS! Why? You allowed something as silly as a so called “broken economy” effect you. So for years after people will ask you what happened to that awesome business you had and you will respond by blaming it on the economy. Are you comfortable with that? I sure hope not.

Taking personal responsibility means that anything and everything that happens to you in your life is a direct result of your thoughts, and is ultimately your fault, your celebration or your doing! Take the credit. It is all you! Don’t sit on the sidelines and expect others to bail you out, help you out or give you great ideas. That privilege lies on you and only you! That is exciting. To know that you are the creator or the destroyer of your own life is marvelous. Why? For those of you who have dug yourselves into a hole, and have no life, know that you created it. But also know this: By knowing and accepting the fact that you created your horrible life, you automatically know as well, that you can also create an exceptional, rich and abundant life!

I could go on forever! It’s your life, no one elses. Now what are you going to do with it?

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