Personal Development Movie: The Ghost Rider

July 5th, 2007 | No Comments |

The Ghost Rider

I never did think that one could get so many of life’s lessons from movies and cartoons. If you pay attention, the theme of most movies is based on one theory or lesson that dictates the choices of the characters in the film. Even though you get all the Hollywood jazz and crazy plots, it is all engulfed around the moral of the story. Every action a living soul takes is based on some kind of law or principle.

The Ghost Rider

Take The Ghost Rider with Nicolas Cage as he plays Johnny Blaze who is a stunt biker performing along side his Dad. After one of their shows there was talk about how reckless Johnny was being by trying to impress the ladies. The father said something that influences Johnny’s decisions through the rest of the movie. He told Johnny that he had better make decisions that will influence his circumstances, or the circumstances will make him. Thus, from that point on, he started making decisions. Big decisions. Heck, he sold his soul to the devil. But he was creating, instead of being governed. He took control of who he was destined to be and did it well.

We all have purpose and we are all very powerful. The only thing that lacks is our knowledge of just how powerful we really are and what we feel we can accomplish. Are you the one who is going to be governed and ruled or are you someone that is the dictator of your life. How many people are an extra in their movie of life? Seriously, are you the main character in your life or are your thoughts and actions focussed towards someone elses life and in making them the movie star of your life? Remember, you create your circumstance, or it creates you!

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