Personal Development and Children

June 4th, 2009 | No Comments |

KylaHave I ever told you all how much I love what I do? Well, I do and here’s one of the many reasons why. Today, as Amy and I were driving our girls to swimming lessons, I told Amy of something I overheard my oldest daughter say. This last weekend, we had a huge family fishing trip. My brother and sister came up with their families and we had an absolute blast and caught a ton of fish. Well, as they were all leaving my home, my oldest daughter decided to tell everyone that we were moving to California.

I had no idea she was doing this. My sister was the first one to come up and ask if we were really moving to California. I said, “no,” and asked her why. She then told me that my oldest daughter had been spreading the news. So, on the way to swim lessons I told Amy what had happened and my oldest daughter overheard our conversation and decided to explain herself. She told me that we were moving to California. I said, “Well, maybe we could just go stay in California for a week. How’s that?” She said, “Nope! I have been meditating about it and we are going to move to California!”

Wow! I was entirely impressed with her. She is deciding her future by preplanning it in her mind. Now, I know that all kids dream about things. That’s just something kids do and they believe they can be and do anything. Well, that’s true! But she was actually visualizing what she wanted to happen and is completely convinced that it will.

It is cool to see the principles Amy and I use on a daily basis being picked up by our children. Visualization is something I do every morning, day and night. It is my planning time. It’s the only way that I or anyone else can see the future and my kids are learning this stuff. Sure, we attempt to teach them to the best of our abilities, but it is great to see them putting it to use.

Being involved in the Personal Development industry has been a blessing to Amy and I and to our entire family. It has influenced our children, our parents and siblings. If you think that improving yourself will only improve you….Think again! It will effect everyone around you, and by effecting them, it will effect many others in a positive way as well. So when they say, “Improve yourself, improve your world,” it’s true beyond comprehension.

Simply by improving myself, my bank account grows, my business flourishes and my family is strengthened. If you want to know the secret to my success, that’s it. Personal Development!

So the best way to make a difference, in not just your little world, but the entire globe, is by improving yourself. The rest will fall into place!

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