Out of Arizona and Down under!

June 25th, 2007 | No Comments |

As I look out my window from the Intercontinental Hotel here in Sydney Australia, I see a beautiful and clean city with a lot to offer. This morning we woke at around 4:45 AM. The time change has us sleeping at wierd hours. It will take some time to adjust I think. We decided to take a little jog through the city before everyone got there for work. Here it is Tuesday while back in Arizona it is still Monday and I am in Australia with my family while most people are still going to work. Sydney is a beautiful city with very professional looking people. I say that because everyone is wearing a nice suit. We don’t see this is AZ. If you wear a suit in the middle of the summer, you are likely to ignite on the spot in the 110+ degree weather.

We attended a welcome reception last night for the event we are here to attend. It is a 5 day personal development conference where will will hear from Bob Proctor and Lynne McTaggart. If you don’t know who these people are, look them up, buy their books, and learn of the knowledge they have to offer you. You will thank me later. But the reception was awesome. We had two bands playing there. One while we walked in and got registered and then another when we were inside the ballroom. Very good bands. The lead singer of one looked just like ZZ top does. Anyway, even though I don’t drink there was and open bar and an overkill of food to eat. We stayed for about 4 hours just networking, talking of business and fun. We were able to see some native Aborigini perform their tribal dances while playing a Didjeridu. We had a good time.

I will keep you all updated as the conference goes on with pictures and fun times while here in Australia. I am here, because I choose to be. Most others choose to be at work this week. Most will never see Australia. Most people I know will never leave the US or their native country. You see, I am one of the 3% that is enjoying my life and have been able to accomplish this through a business vehicle that allows me both the time and money to do as I please.


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