Optimize Contact Forms for Higher Conversions

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Increase Conversion RatesOver the years, I’ve learned a lot about increasing conversion rates. My primary focus has been turning the traffic I receive to my website into dollars, and there are obviously many ways to do that. One of the best, most effective and lucrative ways to turn traffic into dollars is through building a list. And in order to build a list quickly, you’ll need to optimize your contact forms.

Optimize Contact Forms for Higher Conversions

In the beginning of my online marketing career, the first contact form I added to my website had at least six required fields. I wanted to know their first name, last name (separate fields), phone number, email address, desired income level, what they were currently doing for an income, how serious they were and where in the world they were from.

Even with all those fields, I still received leads. After realizing my error, I have since optimized my contact forms and have since received much higher conversion rates.

If you think about it, most people will follow the path of least resistance. The easier you make it for them to complete the form, the higher conversion rate you’ll receive.

In my business, all I require is a single field for their email address, which I use to send them helpful information regarding my opportunity. At most, I’ll include another field for their name. Anything more than that kills the conversion rate.

What I’ve also started doing is changing the “submit” button. I’ve found that submit buttons that are a bit larger, brighter, which contain something other than the word “submit,” tend to bring in more conversions as well. By simply adding “click here,” or “Register Now,” your traffic conversion will increase quite a bit.

I frequently read QuickSprout, which created an infographic which contains some great information about increasing the conversion rates of your contact forms.

Optimize Contact Forms for Higher Conversions


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