Old Basketball Footage

November 23rd, 2009 | No Comments |

BasketBall, Animas High SchoolI am a basketball fanatic. If I were to choose between all sports, basketball would be at the top of the list. Not that I don’t enjoy any of the others, I just know the sport of basketball and like to consider myself pretty good at it as well. Well, I guess that directly depends on the physical shape I am currently in. I have recently noticed that it really does make a huge difference in your game if you can barely run up and down the court once before collapsing. Heaven forbid you might have to jump during the whole process!

Recently I came across some old high school basketball footage. Talk about awesome! These tapes were used to critique ourselves and our performance during our past games and to get a little insight as to how the other team plays. Although we had these videos, I don’t recall ever having access to those tapes. During my entire High School basketball career, we didn’t spend any time critiquing ourselves. We just moved forward to the next game. I guess our coach didn’t see the importance of it.

Now let me ask you all a question, and tell me if you think this would be beneficial to you. If you had a recording of your games, would it benefit you to review yourself in action? Do you think it would give a difference perspective on how you perform?

You know, it is said that we are our own worst critics. And if that saying is true, as long as you are being constructive about it, wouldn’t it benefit you to watch yourself in action? I say absolutely yes! As I watched myself in these old recordings of my past High School games, I saw the areas of my game I was slacking in. Most areas I was slacking in have changed since then, but some I can still see myself doing and I am now conscious of those areas. Because of my awareness, I can now correct those bad habits. These tapes would have been so valuable to me when I was in the during, instead of the after stages of that time in my life. Yet, would I have noticed my faults then? Would I have been critical enough?

The best way to help someone recognize their faults, and then to change them,is not to tell them or show them, but to allow them to see them for themselves. That is the most effective way. Me telling you that your actions of having a job that barely pays your bills, is a waste of your talents, time and in general, your life, won’t inspire much change. But for you to tell yourself, that’s power. It’s all about awareness. Once you are aware, you can then decide to change or not. But that awareness is and will always be there to remind you. From that point, it’s up to you on whether or not you would like to take the easier path of not changing, or you can take the more difficult yet most rewarding path of change. At least you are aware of your options.

Now obviously it is much easier to simply film your basketball game than it is to film your entire life, so here are a few ways to keep “footage” of yourself:

  • Keep a Journal!
  • Start a Blog.
  • Spend time with people you respect and ask for feedback or constructive criticism!

If you think that keeping a journal is solely for your ancestors to find out about their great, great, great great grandpa well after you die, think again. That’s one reason. It’s for you, to track your progress, to record wins, to look into as a reminder of how good or how bad you have been doing. It’s a source for you to critique your performance in life. A blog can do the same thing without as much personal details. I have noticed how much I have progressed in my mindset and writing skills since the beginning of this blog. And always be willing to ask and then receive constructive feedback from people you respect.

Don’t ever let your pride get in the way of you becoming better than you were or currently are. There is ALWAYS room for more……YOU!

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