My Objective is to Master Money

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Master moneyWhen a person starts a home based business, what is their primary objective? Ninety percent of the time, I’m willing to bet that their objective is to make some money!

Wouldn’t you agree?

Sure, some people dive into a home business because they like the product, but anyone who is interested in the business aspect of a home business is interested in making some green. That’s mostly what business is all about. It’s about making a dollar, and then turning those dollars into more dollars.

If you’ve ever had your own home business before, you might be able to relate to a few things I’ve experienced throughout my career as a home business entrepreneur. One common ground you and I might be able to relate to is the lack of understanding. Some people just don’t understand why I choose to work a home based business over other opportunities, more traditional opportunities.

So here’s the just of it. So that there’s no more confusion, this is my first and foremost reason for working a home based business:

The objective here is to master money, wealth and financial independence so that I can move on to more important things in life, and do it from a place of financial strength, independence, choice and freedom.

My objective is to master money. Why? So that I can move on to the important things in life.

You can probably relate, when you’re having money problems, it’s extremely difficult to enjoy the more important things in life, because you’re always thinking about your money problems! Take those problems away, and life becomes a whole lot less complicated.

Check that whole money thing off the “To Do” list. Right?

What does is mean to truly master money?

Let’s think on the word, “Master,”  for a moment. A master is someone who is in control and someone who gives the orders, right? A master is an expert in their field. As an example, a master of Kung Fu is someone who has mastered the art, and who is capable of teaching others what they have learned.

So to truly master money means to command it and control it. Instead of working for it, it’s working for the master.

Is it likely for someone to master money who is earning minimum wage working a construction job? Not likely. Trading time for money has never been a good way to master money. What about someone who is earning fifty dollars an hour? Are they mastering money?

The answer is no! Because money still has them trading an hour of their time for it. Money is their master. If they don’t show up, neither does the money.

You see the difference?

If you desire to truly master money, you must learn how to increase your earnings, without having to increase your work ours. If you’ve mastered money, it shows up regardless of whether or not you show up.

In closing, that’s exactly what the right home business does. It gives you the leverage (important word) required to be able to master money. And that’s why I am where I am. My goal is to master money, so that I can do exactly what I mentioned above…..move on to the more important things in life.

And I’ll let you decide what those things are for yourself.

But if you come to a conclusion that money is your master, currently, and you’d like to create a switch of power, you’ll find links on this site to help you do that. Or, you can click here


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