Marketing Lesson Learned from Camelback Ford

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Happy Birthday from Camelback FordA few years back I purchased a Lincoln Aviator from a car dealership in Phoenix. Since that time, I have received at least one phone call every three months from someone at that dealership. The calls are geared towards sales, trying to get me to trade in my car for a newer one. Every time they call, I politely tell them that I no longer live in the Phoenix area and to please remove me from their calling list.

Do they do it? Obviously not, because the calls continue to come in.

If fact, one salesman even took my information, and I’m sure a long list of others, and called me just to tell me that he was now working at a different dealership. Thanks for that! Now I have two dealerships calling me. Perfect.

I’m one of those guys who enters the phone numbers of the people I don’t really want to talk to into my contacts list , just so that when they call, I’ll know whether or not I should answer it. Well, Camelback Ford was almost on that list.

Now, don’t get me wrong here. My buying experience there was fantastic. Our salesman was awesome and we got a pretty good deal on the Aviator. However, I don’t remember asking to be added to a calling list. I’m sure it was in the small print somewhere, and who reads that crap, right?

Marketing lesson learned from Camelback Ford

Even though their calls aren’t welcomed all the time, I did learn something from their marketing tactics. Even while annoyed by their calls, I decided to answer one the other day. I noticed the 602 area code but for some reason, it didn’t clue in.

When I answered the phone, the guy on the other end said, “Hey Dave. This is so and so from Camelback Ford. This isn’t a sales call or anything. I just wanted to call you and wish you a happy birthday. So happy birthday buddy!”

I said thanks and they ended the call. That’s it!

Why is that such a good marketing tactic? Why would someone waste their time, or add someone to the payroll, as a happy birthday calling specialist?

It’s because it gets them in contact with people. It gets people on the phone and changes them from expecting a sales call to accepting a salutation. It puts people who were ready to throw a fit and burn the place down to say “thank you.” And the most important part, it makes people happy, and when people are happy, they buy!

Lesson learned. Wish your contacts a happy birthday!

However, it didn’t help to get another call within the hour with a different guy from the same dealership wishing me happy birthday again! So back on the crap list they go.

Another lesson learned. Don’t give two salesman the same list!


In my business, we aren’t required to pick up the phone very often as sales calls. It’s all pretty much automated. However, how many of us have a Facebook profile? Probably most of us. We’ve all seen the birthday notifications in the top right hand corner. Wishing someone a happy birthday there isn’t as effective as a phone conversation, but it is still effective. It gets you in contact with your contacts and can lead into a longer conversation if you simply ask how they’re doing.

So next time you have the opportunity to do so, take the time to wish someone a happy birthday, if nothing comes of it now, it may in the future by showing you care!

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