Living for Food and Shelter?

February 19th, 2009 | 2 Comments |

Andy Andrews - Food and ShelterI am reading a book by Andy Andrews called “Mastering the Seven Decision” right now and wanted to share a brief story with you. It talks about this man who owns a zoo. This guy lived a few years back and at the time, all the other zoos would go out on safaris to catch the animals to feature in their zoo, but this one gentleman would breed his own animals and so it made his zoo that much better. Well, this guy heard about an animal that no other zoo in the world had and set out on a safari to find this animal and to bring it home for his zoo.

When telling the natives what his intentions were, they all laughed at him and told him that he would never be able to catch one, that they were too strong and fast. The only way to catch one of those was to shoot it from a distance and bring it back dead. This guy just shrugged and then told the natives that he would catch as many of these animals as he wanted and then pick the best of them for his zoo.

Out he went to find this animal. He laid down barley and honey every night for 6 weeks and every night these animals would eat all the food. Then, as he laid down the food, he placed a post near to it and continued to feed them for another week. The next week he placed another post just opposite of the last one, and fed the animals for another week. He did this for two more weeks until he had four posts. For the next several weeks he added boards in between these posts to make a coral. The last week the coral was nearly complete except for one board. That night he laid out the same amount of food and these animals squeezed through the gap to get to the food and he came up behind them and nailed on the last board and captured all of these beautiful animals. He picked the ones he wanted and let the rest go free.

Later on he was asked how he did it and his reply was: “I treat animals the same way I treat people: I give them what they want. I give them food and shelter. In exchange, they give me their beauty and their freedom.”

That statement was described as “bone chilling” in the book. Most of the world is giving away their beauty(talent, skills) and their freedom in exchange for food and shelter, not much more. Take a look, a serious look at your life, your job, what you are doing to provide for you and your family. Are you seriously free to do as you please? Are you living life to the fullest? Or, are you trading your freedom for pennies?

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