Lesson of Entrepreneurship in “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift”

October 22nd, 2006 | No Comments |

The Fast and the Furious - Tokyo DriftYou know, I thought it was a pretty good flick. I actually avoided seeing it in the theaters because I thought that it might be a little lame but was proven otherwise. It actually had some good lessons in entrepreneurship and living life to the fullest even though some of the characters were doing things that weren’t exactly legal.

Sean Boswell, the main character is a perfect example of someone who felt trapped by a system that was teaching him to not follow his passions and what he loved most in life which was to race. It was a constant struggle for him as he was forced to live this life that he couldn’t seem to find joy in. Everywhere he went he seemed to go back the same way…to his passion.

Once in Tokyo he ran into a man by the name of Han. Han seemed to be high on life. He seemed to have a cool calmness about him and seemed to be content with where his life was headed and where he was. There was a specific scene I would like to refer to. They were on the top of a tall building and had a conversation overlooking the city streets. Sean asked Han why he let him race in Han’s car and Han said that he was always looking to surround himself with people of character. People he could trust. As they looked down on all the people crossing the street Han was talking about how they were all led by fear. They were stuck in a system and led by fear instead of passion. And when you are able to live life from one choice to the next without fear, life gets more clear.

He couldn’t have gotten any closer to the truth. Life is so much easier as an entrepreneur. The world is full of opportunity and a more fulfilling life is simply a choice. As you become successful you will need what I like to call a board of directors. You will want to surround yourself with successful positive people of integrity. As you surround yourself with like-minded individuals you increase your odds of success.

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