Leaders Make All the Money!

January 8th, 2007 | 1 Comment |

Why is that? Why does about 3% of the population make all or most of the money while the other 97% stay broke and ticked off at the ones that are making all the money? This is true not only in the industry that I am in but in most industries in the world of business. Is the system set up that way? Only the ones that have been there the longest make the most money? I think not.

The fact of the matter is…..when you are faced with an obstacle, and it seems almost impossible, what goes through your mind? What is your thought process? I’m sure most people when asked whether or not they could climb Mount Everest the answer would be no or I can’t. Kids are being taught in this day and age to accept failure in a round about way. And if you are a parent you may be contributing to this but may not have a clue that you are. For example: What do most kids say when they are faced with an obstacle? The all famous words….I can’t. Now, most parents I assume will probably help their child accomplish the task at hand. But how does that help the child? What does the child learn from that? He learns to accept failure and to depend on someone else to get results for him. Someone else will come to the rescue.

Teach your children from a very young age to become leaders. Teach them that they can accomplish anything they want and have anything they want. Do not settle with the “I can’t” drama. They don’t know any better and it is up to you as parents to teach them how to be responsible for their own results in life. Teach them to look in a mirror when they don’t get their desired results and then teach them how to go out and get them on their own. Give a man a fish and feed him for one meal……teach a man to fish and feed him for life!

This is where leaders are born. They are born when they cultivate that expectation of leadership within themselves and know that they are they only one responsible for their own successes and failures. People are leaders when they accept responsibility for their own results in life.

There will always be those who wonder why they aren’t having success and in some way bitter towards those who are. A leader finds solutions, not excuses. And you know what, you have a duty to become one of those leaders. You have a responsibility to become rich and to have success, so that others have some way of knowing that there is a better life out there. You can only help someone to the top if you are standing above them, to lend them a hand. Leadership cannot be taught, it has to be learned. Thus, I help those who can help themselves. So, as it always is, the ones who will make all the money, are the ones who know they will.

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