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February 4th, 2009 | No Comments |

globeAn Entrepreneur would be crazy to limit his business or business opportunity only to his country of residence when most industries are booming all around the world! While one can make a fortune in his own country, imagine what he could do when tying the international aspect into his business.

I just got off the phone with a lady from South Africa and then spoke to another lady from London just minutes after. Both of them are looking to start a home based business. The top income earner in my U.S. based business opportunity currently resides in and is from Australia! Regardless of the location or the local or national economy, this business is flourishing and will continue to explode.

Think about the possibilities of getting paid for your products in British Pounds or Euros while keeping your manufacturing costs in US dollars or Australian dollars. Your profit is nearly two times the amount you would make here in the States. If you think about it, you buy a coke in London for around 2 GBP. You also can buy a coke here in the US for $2 US. The same applies for other products, double the profit!

As of right now my international business opportunity has a presence in 144 countries. That is huge! We just translated out flagship product into Spanish and are now marketing it to the Spanish speaking communities and countries. That’s a market of over 400 million people just added into the customer base! If I had a $10 product that cost me $5 to make and ship and I sold one to only a half of one percent of those people, my profit would be millions. Now imagine a product with a $1000 US profit! Mind blowing right?

So if you are looking for a business opportunity that has an unlimited reach, you are on the right website. Fill out the form below and contact me today!

David Allred is the author and creator of CFW. David has been teaching entrepreneur minded people how to earn a full time income working from the comfort of home for nearly a decade.

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