Inspire the Entrepreneur in your Kids

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kid entrepreneursMy very first Entrepreneur experience as a kid was selling a very special product….a product you’d expect to see from two boys. With as abundant as they were, we couldn’t let the opportunity to sell night crawlers pass us by! Yup, we sold worms to local fisherman, and not just any worms, the big ones! These were the type of worms that could pull a six year old kid right into the ground.

Just like any successful venture, we had our little business down to a science, thanks to the leadership of Dad. You see, these worms were called night crawlers for a reason. They came out at night when it was the coolest outside. So on the night preceding our next fishing trip, to lure the night crawlers out of their holes, we wet the lawn down real good. Then we waited for a few hours, grabbed our flashlights and containers and went hunting.

Now, these worms were not only smart, they were fast. And to be honest, I have no idea how they did it, but they could see us coming from pretty far off. So once we found one with our flashlight, we had to sneak up on it and with pure stealth, snag it with our hands. At that point, the worm was halfway in its hole still, so if we pulled too hard, we’d end up with half a worm to work with. So we had to ease it out of its hole.

Good times! Great father son activity!

But anyway, enough about worms and more about my point.

Inspire the Entrepreneur in your Kids

Since kids can’t go out and find jobs, in order to make money, kids have to be creative! Especially those who aren’t on a kid’s salary, better known as an allowance. Whether it’s mowing yards, selling boondoggles at school or catching night crawlers, most kids come pre-wired with the creative ability to become entrepreneurs. And it does take a degree of creativity, not only in the business idea, but in every other aspect of what makes that business idea successful. Kids are a perfect fit.

kidpreneurs authorsEntrepreneurship isn’t taught in grade school, or high school in most places, which is why most people fear becoming an entrepreneur. Somewhere between childhood and adulthood, they become accustomed to waking up and going to a job every day, instead of relying on their own creativity to earn a living.

My kids are a great entrepreneur example to me sometimes, of laying it all out on the line. Regardless of their business idea, they’re going to follow through with it, not matter the result. Here’s an example of one of their ideas.

With that said, I came across a cool website the other day called It’s a website based on inspiring the entrepreneur in kids, providing resources to help your child learn more about starting, managing and gaining entrepreneur experience. So stop by, pick up their book. It costs right around $12. Read it with your children and then help them follow through on their entrepreneur ideas. Don’t let that entrepreneur light fade.

This country deserves more creativity from its youth, in fact, it depends on it.


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