Inspirational Quotes from Batman Begins!

December 3rd, 2008 | 4 Comments |

Who says that watching TV is good for nothing? I guess it really depends on your mindset at the time you are watching TV. Believe me, I love action flicks just like the next guy and that is what I watch most of the time, but there are often lines within these movies that resonate with me. Being involved in the personal development industry, I pick up on lines that others might not think of as such a big deal.

So I was watching Batman Begins the other day for probably the 20th time, and two lines from the movie jumped out at me!

  1. “Why do we fall? So we can pick ourselves back up.”
  2. “It’s not who you are underneath…It’s what you do that defines you!”

If you remember, Bruce Waynes Father used to tell him the first quote. Rachel, the supposed girlfriend, shared the second quote with Bruce as he was walking out of a restaurant with a few ladies after taking a dip in their fountain.

“Why do we fall? So we can pick ourselves back up.” It is human nature to fall, but also human nature to get back up and in the process, we grow, we get stronger and we learn to adapt. When walking down the street you happen to trip and fall, sure it’s a little embarrassing and it may hurt a little, but you pick yourself back up and move on. The pain and embarrassment are temporary and will go away. It is amazing to me that some people will burro down inside that moment and allow it to influence their entire lives, careers, relationships, etc. No single event will ever influence the outcome of your life. Your life’s success is determined by many events, whether successful or not, that is up to you!

“It’s not who you are underneath…It’s what you do that defines you!” So if I think I am a leader, people will automatically follow me? If I think I am a millionaire, I am? I feel like I am a good person, why can’t others see it? So many of us probably view ourselves differently than the rest of the world views us. I think I am the best basketball player in the state of Arizona, but do my actions on the court support that? I want to help so many people and I pray for that every day but have I actually taken a meal to someone in need or offered shelter to someone without it?

There is a huge gap between knowing and doing. Sure, you can know that you are a great and giving person, but until you actually do something to show that, it is all worthless. Too many people think rather than do. Your true greatness will remain underneath if you don’t do something to define it!

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