Inspirational Movie Quote from “Surf’s Up”

June 3rd, 2009 | 1 Comment |

The other day I sat down to watch “Surf’s Up” with my kids and wanted to share a few clips of the movie with you that inspired me. Once again, if you really pay attention to the movies you watch, especially the animated movies, you’ll learn a principle or two that will inspire you.

What would happen to your results if everyday you told yourself that you are “The Best?”  I am the best! Say it once or twice right now as you are reading this post. I am the best! Doesn’t it make you feel more powerful already? It does for me. It gives me a little bit of a boost to make things happen.

“…never give up. Find a way ’cause that’s what winners do!” Winners don’t run into a snag, throw their hands up in the air and call it quits. Winners find a way to make it work regardless. Injury, failure, disappointment, criticism and anything else that can come up is just a speed bump on the highway of success. The road never ends and the winner never stops!

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