I Am a Failure!

December 19th, 2010 | 1 Comment |

Just a quick statement about failure.

In my mind, failures are divided into three basic classes:

  • Those who thought and never did.
  • Those who did and never thought.
  • Those who flat out quit!

So many people will never accomplish their life’s goals because of the fear of failure. The funny thing is, failure is inevitable. Failure is part of the balance of life. For every positive, there is a negative. Where there is great success, there will also be great failure.

If anyone is to achieve any amount of success in his life, failure is just part of the process. To fear that failure would be making a huge mistake, IF, and only if, nothing is learned from it. Failures are the stepping stones to that great, I like to say, inevitable success.

I say inevitable because if you don’t QUIT, success becomes inevitable. How many times can you run off the road until you finally reach your destination? It’s just a matter of getting back onto the road and pressing forward understanding the reason you went off the road in the first place.

So, since failure is inevitable in its many different forms, it would be better that you DID, regardless of the result, instead of never DID at all. Getting on the bike and crashing is always better than never getting on at all. Yeah the crash hurts a bit, but because of the hurt, you’ll avoid the crash the next time around.

So, I am proud to admit……I am a failure, but not a quitter!

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