How to Remove or RipOffReport from the Search Results

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Remove RipOffReport.comIf you are someone that has created a decent degree of success in your home based business, then you’ve probably also created a bit of a reputation online along with it. And as you know, the more successful you become, the larger the target on your back becomes.

For some, instead of looking for a home based business opportunity to join, they look for home based business opportunities to pester. They’re looking to stir you up, and want you to interact with them in hopes that you’ll say something they can “misquote” you on or sue you for.

Remove Search ResultsOne of these websites is Another common one is However, can be contacted and worked with to resolve complaints. I haven’t seen any way to do that with They claim “zero” responsibility for all comments on their site. So you see how this can get out of control. Negative people tend to flock together and multiply. They feed off of one anothers negativity.

So if you have been given the honor of being brought up on, congratulations. You’re getting results in your business. Don’t look at it as such a negative situation. Most people can see through low quality sites like that. Simply focus on creating more success, and that will out weigh the negativity.

How do you remove from Search Results?

However, being mentioned on such a site can hurt your business and damage your online reputation. If you don’t keep it under control, every time someone does a search for your name, they’ll see right beneath or even above your website. If the claims they have stated on their site are accurate, work with your customers to resolve them. But if the statements are false or distorted, the only option is to remove them. won’t remove anything from their site. They cannot be worked with in that way. The best way to remove yourself from is by using an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactic called Search Engine Reputation Management. It’s simply flooding the first page search results with positive websites, pushing off the first page and further from view.

It’s a simple concept and it’s main ingredient is time. Just as you have worked to get your website listed under search results for your name, you create other sites and do the same thing. You can also use social networking profiles such as your Facebook page, Twitter¬† or LinkedIn profiles. To give these profiles more authority in the search results, you must build back links to them, linking your name to the website or social profile.

For example, if I want one of my websites,, to rank for my name, I will do a link like this David Allred. The HTML to do that is: <a href=”” alt=”David Allred”>David Allred</a>.¬† Of course you’ll replace the website address and my name with your information. Then just start writing content to submit to article sites, microblogs, press releases, directories and search engines including that link within your content.

It will take some time to push from the first page search results, but it will rid you and your business of a thorn. You can also hire SEO companies to do this for you. Xpose is my recommendation.

What not to do?

DO NOT try to interact with the people who are accusing you. It will take you down a road that will never end and will make you bitterly frustrated. Remember what I said, negative people flock to one another and feed off one another. They want you to get frustrated to the point that you’ll interact with them. They’ll take your words, or anything positive you have to say in your defense and twist it or reword it to their advantage. It is a waste of your time! Don’t do it.

You get more of what you give your focus and energy to. Just ignore it, work on your Online Reputation Management, and you’ll push that negativity out of view.

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