House Boat and Chillin’!

August 22nd, 2007 | No Comments |

Here we are again living our lives and having a blast. You know, when I tend to make the most money is when I am having the most fun. Seriously, I play all the time. This time, we are here at Lake Powell on the border of Utah and Arizona and have rented a house boat for a week. We are at the Marriot here in Page and will get our boat tomorrow morning along with a few Waverunners. You can literally spend weeks on this lake and not see it all. It is huge! We brought our fishing gear and our swimming gear and are ready to hit the lake. One of the coolest things about being here right now is the look on all the people’s faces that are here from foreign countries as they walk by our Hummer. If you have ever been out of the country you should know that Hummer’s are non-existent. So as they walk by, half of them trip and others just stare!

I love my life! I am grateful every second of every day that I made the choice to get started with this business opportunity. It has given me the income and time freedom that most people can only dream of having. I love sharing this business opportunity with others who have the same passion that I do in the obtaining of their dreams. To me, this is priceless. I have been on at least one vacation every month this year! Next month who knows where we will be. In October it will be Cancun again at the Moon Palace resort! We have a trip to Rome planned for March. I love this lifestyle!

I will take plenty of photo’s and maybe some digital footage of our fun times here on the lake and keep you all updated. On a serious note, remember, you choose your lifestyle. It doesn’t choose you!

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