Hello from Cancun!

March 9th, 2007 | No Comments |

Right now I am sitting on my balcony, in a hammock, overlooking the ocean in beautiful Cancun Mexico. We arrived here on Thursday afternoon and after a 4 hour flight, a trip through customs, and a short ride in a cab, the Moon Palace Resort is nothing short of spectacular. This is our second time here with this business and will not be the last. The moon Palace resort is an all inclusive resort. For all who have never been to a resort such as this, all your food is included in the price of the room. So whether you want to enjoy an outside breakfast over the beach, Japanese, Mexican, or even just a burger, don’t bother bringing your wallet. Just sit and eat all you can.

Today we had the priveledge of hearing from the renouned author of the book “The Law of Attraction” by Michael Losier. What a stud. The information that he has compiled into one easy to read book is so brilliant. It is so simple that it almost seems too easy. He has dedicated years of study and research to this one principle, which is the Law of Attraction. He describes it as “the art of attracting more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.” The thing you put your thought and focus towards, is what you will get, whether positive or negative.

Michael sat with us for a short dinner at the welcome reception. He at times can be very quiet until the subject of what he knows most about and understands, which is the Law of Attraction. The information he presented was inspiring and most useful. I have mentioned this in the past but these 3 basic things sum up what he is trying to convey.

1. Identify your desire

2. Give your desire attention

3. Allow

In order to deliberately attract more of what oyu want in your life, you must learn to give it more focus and energy. The more you realize what you don’t want, you will start to figure out what you do want. So whenever faced with a thought of something you don’t want, ask yourself that question: What do you want? You will find that you will attract more of that thing when you follow this one principle.

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