Everybody Deserves Their Shot at Success!

December 3rd, 2012 | Comments Off on Everybody Deserves Their Shot at Success! |

Everyone deserves a shot at successEarlier today, I received an email that contained some disturbing text that I’d like to share with you.

But before I do….

…answer me this: Do you believe that everyone, regardless of race, religion, gender, physical appearance, circumstance or political preference deserves a shot at creating success in their life?

With that question in mind, allow me to take you back to that email I received this morning. But before I paste the text of the email, let me throw out a quick disclaimer for the person who composed this email. I hope that by the time you finish reading this article, that you will understand this concept, that everyone deserves their shot at success. I share your words, not only to teach you, but to help others who may be struggling with this very same principle. With that said, I do this with my best intentions.

To preface the bit of text I’m about to show you, its author had recently joined a home business, and within a month and a half, had already quit. This email was part of his intention to quit. Normally when I receive an email from someone who has decided to give up, I simply wish them the best of luck and move on. People quit. It’s just part of life! But following this email, I felt inclined to educate him a little.

Now, the business he got started in is an affiliate marketing business. One key aspect of success in this business us list building.

With that said, here’s part of the email I’d like you to see:

One lady wanted to subscribe. She has been unemployed for 2 years. She wanted to pay by credit card. I could not let her do that, seeing I have not yet made any money. That will just be unethical.

Another Question: Is it up to me to determine who does or does not deserve the opportunity to create their own results, in ANY business venture? Especially when that person is not only able financially, but willing to give it a try?

How many success stories have you heard where the person got started in a home based business after just being downsized with less than fifty bucks in their bank account? I’ve heard those stories left and right?

And you have to ask yourself WHY?

The answer is simple…..it’s because they are the ones that are the most motivated. If they don’t succeed, then they’re flat out screwed. They have no choice but to make it work. Quitting is not an option. It’s do or die time!

So my answer to the first question posted above is YES! Everyone deserves a shot, regardless of who they are, where they come from or what their circumstances are.

And my answer to the second question is NO! It is not up to me to deny ANYONE their one shot at creating success in a business, when they are both financially able and willing to get started.

Folks, this is still true even if I haven’t made a single penny and no longer believe in the business. The truth about business is that RESULTS VARY. Everyone’s experience is different and who’s to say that the homeless guy down the street can’t create results in a business in which you couldn’t?

Denying someone the their shot at success is unethical. Giving them hope by assisting them in getting started in a business that can help them achieve their goals, in my book, is extremely ethical.

In conclusion, some people win while other lose. Some people succeed while others quit, or fail. This much is life. But whatever you do, don’t deny someone their shot at making a ton of money online, because your results didn’t end up that way.

Their results just might.

So if you’d like your shot, now’s your chance to take action. As long as you’re able and willing, I will not deny you that opportunity. Fill in your email address at the top of this site to watch a free video that will blow your mind!

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