Europe Warns Against Investing in Israeli Settlements

June 10th, 2015 | Comments Off on Europe Warns Against Investing in Israeli Settlements |

Invest in settlementsTwo more nations have joined France is advising citizens to avoid investing in Israeli settlements. Spain and Italy have aligned themselves with France to shun investments in settlements that are built on Palestinian occupied land. The united front of these countries adds strength to the protest regarding these settlements.

Boycotts Were Not Called

Although these nations have joined the cause with other European countries against injustices and illegalities in the West Bank, officials in Spain and Italy have not called for boycotts. Instead officials’ statements:

  • Were appeals, rather than calls for boycotts
  • Were not designed to limit economic cooperation between Israel and Spain.
  • Advised citizens to seek legal counsel before proceeding with investments

Italian Statements Issued

Government officials in Italy made several statements and warnings, adding their voices to the situation. For example, the foreign minister of Italy, told Italian citizens:

  • To avoid involvement with investments related to Israeli settlements
  • To sidestep financial activities related to the West Bank

In Italy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or MAE, is a governmental agency in the Republic of Italy. Its headquarters is referred to as the Farnesina, which is in the Palazzo della Farnesina in Rome.

Spanish Statement Issued

The Spanish foreign ministry made an announcement to its citizens as well. The foreign ministry spokespersons stated that Israeli settlements in Golan and the eastern portion of Jerusalem were illegal. Spokespersons also said:

  • These settlements hinder attempts to achieve peaceful solutions that would end Israeli Palestinian conflicts.
  • The settlements were obstacles to peace negotiations.
  • Potential buyers and investors should be aware that future harmonious relationships are being threatened due to these settlement investments.
  • In case of legal action, it could be quite challenging to protect citizens’ interests.

The Spanish foreign ministry is called the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. This is the governmental agency that is responsible for Spain’s relations with other countries.

Toughening of Rhetoric

Europeans have toughened their rhetoric partially because of the failure of Israeli Palestinian peace negotiations. Even after months of peace talks, settlement expansion continued with multiple settler homes being constructed. The ongoing settlement activities resulted in the collapse of negotiations.

European Countries

The countries in Europe may share a continent, but each nation has its unique political, legal, economic, and cultural climate. European integration is occurring which involves integrating and supporting each other in various issues, as exhibited by Spain and Italy banding together with France to support this cause.

As the Israeli Palestinian struggles continue, the European nations join in and add their voices in moves toward peace. Spain, Italy, and France are among the Europeans warning their citizens against investing in settlements or businesses that support them. Not sure what a structured settlement is, or why you would invest in one? Learn more here.

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