e-Commerce without these three things is crazy!

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e-commerceIf you’re looking into online shopping cart software, you’ve probably already been floored by the number of options available to you. The popularity of e-commerce has led to a proportional number of e-commerce platforms to aid you in your online business.  In hopes of helping you learn more about online stores, the following are three features you should never do without when making the decision on what platform to use.

First is mobile commerce. Don’t underestimate the number of users that will come across your product or service from their phones. And once they’ve seen what you have, a good portion of those visitors, should they leave your site, will never return. If they don’t make the purchase right off the bat, they aren’t going to come back for it without starting their whole search over.

Having access to a mobile commerce system allows people who rely on their smartphones and tablets to make snap purchases, which makes things more convenient for them and more profitable for you.

Contact management is critical. Contact management helps you track and stay in contact with your customers. Without an internal contact management system, you’ll have little choice but to maintain an entirely separate program, which can be costly and time-consuming. Most e-commerce solutions have some sort of a contact management system, however, advanced contact management systems can assist you with subscriptions and mailing lists to help you market better to your customers.

Affiliate management is a touchy subject to some e-commerce mavens, but those looking to move up may find that it’s a very powerful tool. Affiliate management allows you to easily set up your own affiliate company, outsourcing your marketing to people with the drive to campaign to a broader audience. This can dramatically increase your profit-earning potential if you establish it correctly. Everyone already knows that affiliate marketing requires careful management of your terms of service, but a proper affiliate management backbone can make the whole scheme much easier to maintain, letting you branch out much more broadly. Even if you aren’t ready to launch right off the bat, you should keep your options open. If you don’t go for this in your base package, make sure you can expand into it later if you get the necessary capacity.

E-commerce solutions abound, but a little research can help you find just the right software. Do your homework and ascertain your needs before you make a purchase and you’ll be sure to find the right software for your business.

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