Don’t get caught up in Vain Repetition

October 17th, 2012 | No Comments |

Use Your BrainI’m a Mormon, or in other words, I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Twice a year, the church holds a General Conference where the leaders of the church share important messages with us. Without getting too preachy on you, this year one of the speakers, I believe Elder David A. Bednar, mentioned that Satan wants us to become complacent. He wants us to get caught up in things that are repetitive, because it diminishes our ability to use our brains and to think creatively.

Can you see that in the world? Can you see people wasting away their lives, doing the same things every single day, just because that’s what they’ve always done, regardless of the consequences? Can you see people going to jobs they absolutely can’t stand, just because of the paycheck it brings?

Can you see yourself doing these things? Are you wasting away your life in vain repetition? What about your dreams?

Life is way too short for wasting it away.

Don’t get caught in Vain Repetition

I encourage you, with all the fiber of my being, to fight against it. Step into who you were meant to be. Don’t fall back into the person you are accepting to be.

We are capable of so much more. You are not a drone! You’re not some mindless animal that moves and acts according to outside commands. Your life is your own, and if a drone is what you’d like to become, then so be it. Just know that when you’re old and grey, you will probably look back on your life wishing you had tried a little harder to live your dreams.

So why do people feel like they have to settle for so little?

One of the biggest reasons people feel trapped into vain repetition is because of their lack of money! Their income keeps them stuck, doing the same things every single day, because they simply can’t afford to do anything else.

Another cause is they stop learning. They don’t continue their education, or self education.

Some people just give up and accept the fact that they are not going to accomplish great things in their lives. To some, it’s easier to live a life of mediocrity.

In Conclusion, I again encourage you to, as David Wood and David Sharpe would say, “Fight against the forces of evil.” Do everything in your power to resist getting caught up into vain repetition. Use your brain, figure things out, get started on the rest of your life, and live your dreams.

Life is worth it. You’re worth it! Let’s make it happen.

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