Do Business Like A Rhino!

March 19th, 2009 | 2 Comments |

Do Business Like a RhinoAllow me to define something for you to preface this post. Those who operate their business, their life or their actions by what others say you can or cannot do, will always be like the others and will never excel. Now, if your actions are governed by your own rules, you will be whoever you want to create.

Don’t ever live your life by what others tell you that you can or cannot do. Living by everyone else’s rules will land you right where everyone else is. There is always someone out there that is going to try to dictate what you do. That person can be a relative, a friend, a colleague or even a complete stranger. Who appointed that person to the status that would give them authority to rule your life. Nobody has that status other than you. You dictate you. Most rules in this world are just made up, unwritten, unenforced or not even enforceable by law!

Example: In your home based business you decide to do some marketing by putting fliers on cars throughout a mall parking lot. Up comes a security guard that tells you it cannot be done and tells you to go and pick them all back up. What do you do?

Answer: Whatever the heck you want to do! Is he going to call the police? Is he going to beat you up? Is he going to yell at you? What can he do to you? The answer….nothing.

Do Business like a Rhino

A Rhino doesn’t stop and ask everyone else around if he can run through their area, heĀ  just does it. Cattle, or the ones that live by everyone else’s rules, are the ones that would be deterred. Be a Rhino, not a cow in the midst of the heard of cattle! The cattle are the ones that are afraid to test the integrity of the little bit of wire or the sticks that keep them corralled. Take a look at the picture of the Rhino. Do you think a little bit of wire or a few boards are going to stop him? No! Then don’t let a few comments, a silly so called “rule” or anything else deter you from your goals of success! Be the Rhino!

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