Could you use an extra $750 per month?

October 12th, 2012 | No Comments |

When the average monthly income in the United States is right around the $3,000 range, supporting a family and paying the bills usually drains every last penny from the bank account. Extra money, leisure money, on the average American income is far and few between.

So I ask, could you use an extra $750 per month?

What could you use an extra $750 per month for?

Let’s make a quick list of a few things you could use that money for.

  1. A car payment for a VERY nice car or truck.
  2. $750 per month would pay for the average American’s basic utilities, such as electric, gas, cable, water and trash.
  3. New tires for the car.
  4. Your cell phone bill.
  5. Fuel for your vehicle for the entire month.
  6. Fifty meals at a nice restaurant.
  7. A new wardrobe.
  8. A years supply of toilet paper.
  9. A nice rifle, or firearm.
  10. Your grocery list for the month.
  11. A new laptop or computer.
  12. Christmas gifts and birthday presents.
  13. 750 items from the dollar store.
  14. An iPad, iPod or iPhone.
  15. …and the list goes on…..

When it all comes down to it, there are a lot of things you could use an extra $750 per month for.

And by now you’re probably thinking, “Why $750? Why not $500 or $1000?”

Well, allow me to explain. I am part of a business opportunity called the Empower Network. It’s a brilliant business model with extremely lucrative compensation. For someone like myself, an affiliate with the Empower Network, in order to make a recurring monthly income of $750, all I have to do is find just ten people to join the Empower Network for a mere $25.

Those of you who are quick with numbers are probably thinking that $25 times ten does not equal $750. And you’re right! It’s more like $250. It’s all in the numbers. In fact, help ten people join the Empower Network, according to the numbers, you’re income will be quite a bit more than just $750.

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