Commit Yourself and you will have Success

October 31st, 2006 | No Comments |

Many people take on so many tasks that they actually over commit so they can truly never commit to any of them.

I’ve seen so many people attempt to do three or four entrepreneurial endeavors at one time, and then say, “I’m creating multiple streams of income.”

When someone makes that statement, they’re usually not making any money in any of their four ventures. There’s nothing wrong with having multiple streams of income, but it’s best to master one trait or one business first.

So many people do this unconsciously as a method of self-sabotage, so they can never actually succeed. These people set themselves up to fail, knowing that if they take on more than they can handle, they will never succeed. This is called a fear of success.

Ask yourself, “What can I actually let go of in my life?” Ask yourself, “What will I remove from my life, my garage, my office, and my file cabinet?” When you do this, you start to create space in the Universe for more flow to come in.

When you have all the doors blocked, it’s hard for prosperity, abundance and the right people to find you, because telepathically the message you are sending is, “I am a chaos addict; I am attracted to the drama; I am attracted to the struggle.”

The opposite is, “Struggleaholic no more: I am dropping the drama.”

What drama are you willing to drop?

What chaos are you willing to release yourself from after reading this?

The reason most people have challenges changing is that if they change, they would be ending an era. That’s why so many people hold onto their past.

What you have to do is change your perception, because growth without risk is no growth. There is no reward without any risk, and to take any risk you’re going to face adverse situations.

You’re going to have to handle challenges in the moment, and sometimes you’ll have to change how you’ve been changing. Change is good. It’s not just inevitable.

Sometimes you change and you don’t even know you’ve changed. This is when the internal communication changes and the compounded effects start to take place.
This is when you really are becoming the leader people are looking for, having that belief, that sense of certainty, knowing that you have a strong conviction, a strong will.

There is no such thing as luck. You have to be able to go where no man has gone.

You have to be able to create the breakthroughs. You have to feel in your heart.
You have to know.
You have to trust.
You have to believe.
You have to see.
You have to have a heartfelt centered vision of where you’re going, what you’re becoming and what you’ll do.

When you can operate from a sense of passion, you’re radiating from your heart. You’re sending the message, “Become a part of what I’m doing.” That, my friends, is when people want to be a part of what you are, because you are coming from you heart, not your head.

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