Cancun, Mexico

August 25th, 2006 | 1 Comment |

In March we attended an event in Cancun Mexico. We arrived on a Monday afternoon, checked into the Moon Palace resort, found our room and took a tour of the grounds. This resort is fantastic. It is an all inclusive resort located right on the beach in Cancun. The service was so excellent, we actually set a goal to see if it were possible to walk by an employee without them saying, “hola.” We failed to achieve our goal.

The event itself was nothing short of inspiring. We heard from Dick Hoyt, who shows his love and compassion for his son while demonstrating his tremendous desire to go the extra mile. His son, Rick, had been tangled with the umbilical cord, at birth, which confined him to a wheel chair for the rest of his life. To make a long story short, Rick was given the opportunity to speak through a computer and told his parents that when he is running, it feels like he isn’t handicapped. Since then, they have been in many marathons and triathlons across the nation and have overcome tremendous obstacles along the way. Truly inspiring. The crowd cheered through tears of inspiration for Team Hoyt.
We also heard from Patrick Combs and Deanna Latson. David Neagle had a near death experience of being sucked through a dam. After that experience he devoted his life to helping others realize their true potential with the simple concept, JUST BELIEVE. Patrick Combs was told over and over again that he would never achieve his goals and that he should give up. For more than a decade he has dedicated his career to helping people live with more courage, passion, inspiration and meaning. Deanna touched on some permanent lifestyle changes that will improve health and wellbeing. Her inspiration was to save her Dad’s life, and in turn has helped so many more.

In addition to hearing from these inspiring speakers, we had some play time. We rented a wave runner and hit the waves in the ocean. Talk about being sore afterwards. Also we rented some little two seat-er speed boats , cruised through water channels and snorkeled in the reef. How often do most people get to do that or even have the time, freedom, and money to vacation in exotic locations like this? We plan on doing it again this coming October in Hawaii during our next event. And since this blog is fairly new I will update you on the last Liberty Conference in Puerto Rico.

At the end of every event is a black tie event. This event closes things out with a wild night of fun and entertainment. This is truly an amazing community of individuals we are part of. A room full with thousands of entrepreneurs who are living the lives of their dreams and it all comes down to a choice they made to get started. Already this year I have taken more vacations then I was ever able to take before I made this incredible life-changing choice.

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