Business Opportunity for Chiropractors!

December 2nd, 2007 | No Comments |

We had some family pictures taken recently by a girl we knew from college. She did a great job as far as we can tell from the few photos we have seen thus far. You will probably be seing more of the new pics on this site sooner or later. But anyway, her husband is a Chiropractor. Great guy. I actually used to work with him in the glass industry a while ago. He is a very entrepreneur minded person. We had a conversation during and after the photos were taken about what he and I have been up to since we had last seen each other. Of course you know what I do, well he had gone off to school and became a Chiropractor and has a few offices that he works out of throughout the week. He seems to be doing well for himself and is looking to expand and open more offices and maybe hire a few Chiropractors to work them.

Good for him. He knows what he wants and he is moving forward with purpose. But you know what, as I was listening to him speak about locations and hiring chiropractors, I started thinking of how much work that is going to be! But really, that is the only way to make good money in a service business, leverage and employees. You can only see so many patients a day unless you leverage your business with more employees. I started to think of my business and what I do for a living and you know what…I have it so dang nice. My life is as simple as it gets and the money is good! I just wanted to flat out tell him that he does not have to work that hard for money. I gave him some information to go over and he will or won’t, and that is fine. At least he will know what is out there.

I have no doubt he will be successful in what he does, because he is an entrepreneur. I am so grateful for this business. I don’t have to worry about locations, traveling to and from those locations, employees, etc….For such a low maintenance business the incomeĀ is through the roof. So if you’re a Chiropractor and looking into this business, most likely, you have what it takes. Don’t wait to get started!

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