Blogs are for Girls?

July 6th, 2010 | 1 Comment |

I can’t tell you how many times I have told friends of mine about my blog here on and have received a weird response. I know what goes through some of their minds. For the most part, they usually don’t say much about it because they don’t know much about it. Most people probably think that blogs are for girls….mothers that are looking to put up family information for the grandparents to look at and get all emotional over. I’m sure that some think that blogging is for geeks or computer nerds who don’t hunt, fish or do much of anything else in the world besides hang out in their whitey tighties in their mommas basement.

People used to think that way…until they learned the kind of income I generate through this blog.

The truth is….if you are someone that knows much of anything about anything, you can create a significant presence online blogging about it. Big deal right? A presence. What the heck is that? For a business with a good idea, people just have to know you exist. That’s presence. But rather than putting up a billboard, you put up a blog.

WHAT? Did I just say a blog is a business?

The more you search the Net the more you will start to realize that most of the sites in the top of the search engines have a blog built into them or are primarily a blog. Search engines will love you if you know anything about anything and are able to turn that knowledge into a blog. So yes, a blog is a business….and it means $$$ dollar signs, if you know how to manage it.

Through this blog, I have made hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you look around this site, there’s not a ton of ads everywhere. I’m not an e-commerce site like Ebay or Amazon. Google Adsense wasn’t my money maker. With the presence I have created with this blog, I can do anything. Literally anything….because I have the presence.

Now, the reason I am saying all of this is because I know the magnitude of where I am and where anyone could be. Including you! If you have a passion for something, think about starting a blog in your chosen niche and become the Guru that people find in the search engines. It’s A LOT easier than you think. Once you get the listings, the traffic and the presence, you’ll get the $$.

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