Blaze a Trail of Success

September 23rd, 2009 | No Comments |

Blaze a Trail of SuccessLet me ask you a question: Why is it important for you to be as wildly successful as you possibly can? To add to that, why is it important for you to achieve extraordinary results beyond that of anyone you currently know? Now I’m talking about financial and lifestyle results….results that mostly everyone wants but will never achieve because of lack of action.

One of the most common reasons that people do not take action is the fact that they just simply have no idea how to take the first step. Another common reason for lack of action is not the fact that they don’t know how, but that they are terrified to start. So instead of knowledge being the issue, confidence and skepticism is. Maybe it all ties right back to a simple word called “Desire!” If their desire was strong enough then they would gain the knowledge and overcome their fears. It all wouldn’t be an issue then. But how does someone who has never seen anyone else create huge results in their personal and financial life get that desire? Most of us base our desires from some sort of example right? If you see a family driving a Chevy Suburban down the road, it looks nice, they all look like they’re having a blast and you have always had a desire to have a family, you then set them as your example of what you want to achieve in your near or distant future. Examples are what drive people’s ambitions in life.

Make an example out of yourself!

There exists in this world a select group of people that think outside of the limits that surround them. They are the creators of opportunity and set the example. They, in a sense blaze the trail of success. Where no trail existed they create one.

If you think about the word “blaze,” what comes to mind? Well for me, I think of fire…..not just a simple campfire but a huge friggin’ blazing, sparks flying, blue, yellow, red and orange flames type of fire. This is a fire that will be seen by more than those that are standing right next to it. It’s something that can’t be missed. It’s a beacon or a mark which can be see by many.

Blaze a Trail of Success

So it’s vitally important for you to blaze your own trail of success. It leaves a flaming path for others to follow. It’s a beacon pointing the way to results. The moreĀ  blazingly successful you are, the more influence you will have on others and the longer your trail of flames will last before they fizzle out. Now don’t get me wrong here. There will be people who just sit there, watching this blazing trail of success you have just created, thinking to themselves, “Wow! Cool! I wish I could do that too!” Yet, they don’t follow the trail out of fear for being burned! Or, there just simply isn’t enough desire to do so. But, there will be those who will follow your trail and will experience success as well, making your blazing trail even bigger and more noticeable.

So guys, blaze on and blaze big!! Don’t look back at your own flames, that’s all history. People will follow and you can know that you were the one that started it all!

David Allred is the author and creator of CFW. David has been teaching entrepreneur minded people how to earn a full time income working from the comfort of home for nearly a decade.

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