Become a Master of yourself!

December 27th, 2006 | 1 Comment |

I am using the general idea for this blog taken from Barry Donalson off of the “More heart than talent” audio book by Jeffrey Combs. By the way, if you don’t have it, get it. It is great to have in your library.

There is a time in the world where there existed huge industrial cities in which all the resources of the world were produced and sold. Inside these industrial cities where thousands and thousands of workers. Slaves to the fullest. These slaves lived outside the city boundaries in their humble cottages, bound to the area due to their inability to leave. Every day these slaves were told what to do. They were told when to sleep, when to eat, when to have fun, and when to work.

Each and every morning these slaves travel into the city to be at their working posts no later than 7 in the morning and are required by their masters to work until 5 in the evening. They are told when to eat lunch, when to take a break, what to do with their time and how many pennies they can take home to their families. In fact, their time isn’t really theirs, it belongs to their masters. Most of the time, they are kept hours later than the normal work hours just to finish all the work that is needed to be done.

After they are released from their daily duties, they make the long trip back home to their families to find that their wives have gone to do what was required by their masters and the kids are asleep in bed. But as soon as they are of age, they too will get a master. The worker has no option as far as what he can do that night because he is required by his master to work the very next morning. The slave is paid just enough to provide a living for his family and is required to work 50 weeks out of every year with two weeks of leave or vacation time. At times, without pay. And this pay is nothing to shout about.

These slaves are stuck, unable to escape from the bonds that bind them to these cities. They are blinded to the world and their own abilities. The word freedom has no meaning for them, unless it is shown to them. Some know of a better land and a life without bondage. Others are blinded and tricked by their mastersĀ  by tactics designed to make their work seem enticing.

There is no escape from this life of misery, unless one learns to turn to himself. He must learn to rely on his own abilities and must provide for his own family by being creative and thinking outside of the boundaries of his former master or think outside of the box. He must take responsibility for his own actions, wins and failures alike. He can choose where he lives and isn’t bound to the boundaries of these industrial cities. If he chooses Freedom, he then has the ability to make dollars instead of pennies and has no cap on how many dollars he can make. His future is his own, no longer dictated by outside influences.

In order to make this possible, a slave must become a master, and learn to be a master of himself!

Become a Master of yourself!

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