Are you cool enough to be a school volunteer P.E. teacher?

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school volunteer P.E. coachMy oldest daughter entered into the school systems as a kindergartner back in 2006. Since 2005, I escaped from my job and started a home based business. Ever since that day, I’ve had the flexibility to volunteer in all of my children’s classes in many different capacities. This year, I’m a school volunteer P.E. teacher….and I’m loving it!

Is there any better way to spend your time than with a bunch of screaming, happy third graders?

I think not….most of the time! Occasionally, there are those moments where I wonder if I have any control of them at all.

The important part of being a school volunteer P.E. teacher

When it all comes down to it, I really do enjoy teaching these kids a thing or two about physical education. Most of the time, my activities involve some sort of ball and a lot of running. I think kids these days, for the most part, don’t get enough exercise. So as a P.E. teacher, I like to see most of them breathing hard by the time our thirty minutes is up.

But here’s the most important part of it all, I get to spend time with my daughter…in her element. And not only do I get to have an influence on her during that day, but also my two nieces, who are in the same class.

Now, I don’t know about you, but growing up, in my mind, I was proud to see my Mom or Dad at my school. Not only did I want to introduce my friends to them, but I wanted my parents to see how awesome I was. Even if I wasn’t really that awesome, I was still excited to show them everything I did at school.

Whether you believe it or not, if you can create the time in your life to become a school volunteer, it will mean the world of difference for your kids.

Growing up, my Dad had a job that didn’t EVER allow him to visit me while in school. He attended as many of my sporting events that he could, but his job was also financially restricting and didn’t allow him to travel as much as he would like.

So I am grateful, EVERY DAY, that the career path I have chosen not only allows me to be a volunteer P.E. teacher, but provides the financial flexibility I’ll need to attend events in the future.

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Here’s a quick video I recorded while driving back from volunteering at my daughters school.

P.E. Activities for School Volunteers

I couldn’t leave you high and dry, now could I. If you’re also a school volunteer P.E. teacher, here are a few ideas for your P.E. arsenal.

  1. Balloon Catch – Kids love balloons. The game they had the most fun at was a hybrid of the old school game of three flies up. I had four balloons and gave them to four students. The rest of the class stood in a group about twenty feet down wind from the four with the balloons. At the same time, they all hit the balloons high into the air. The students who catch the balloons meet up in place of the original throwers. Once they’re all there, they repeat the process. The kids had a blast. This game alone can occupy them for the entire class. NOTE: This game works best outside, with a slight breeze, and on a hard surface which won’t pop your balloons.
  2. Kick Ball with over sized ball – Anytime you can escape from the norm, the more fun the kids will have. Kick ball is always a favorite. Except, instead of using a regular kick ball, we use a huge yoga/exercise ball. They can’t kick it as far and it’s easier to contain. NOTE: I always tell the kids that there is no throwing the ball at anyone’s head. It will knock them right off their feet if thrown hard enough.
  3. Basketball line game – I split the class into two teams and have them line up ten or fifteen feet from the basketball hoop. I give each team a basketball. When I say go, they pass it over head and under their legs, alternating on every other student. The ball goes all the way to the end of the line and then back. When the first person in line gets the ball again, he shoots a basket and can’t pass the ball off to the next player until he, or she makes the shot. First team to have all students make their shot wins! NOTE: Depending on the age group, you may need to have an adjustable hoop low enough for all of them to make their basket.

Those are the three favorite games thus far this year. I hope that gives you some ideas!

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